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31 07, 2019

Great Resources for Props

2022-10-12T15:11:04-04:00July 31, 2019|TV / Movie Vehicles|

Check These Guys Out! At PowerPortal Productions we provide you with cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, emergency vehicles and pretty much anything with wheels on it. But a pimped out horse buggy? Why not? We put a 10” subwoofer on it, chrome spinning wheels and painted it to the studios concept. [...]

25 07, 2019

Don’t Call Them “Junk Yards”

2022-10-12T14:53:39-04:00July 25, 2019|Just For Fun|

We Call Them Salvage Yards! In the business, they don’t like the term “Junkyards”, there is so much good in there. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. If you find yourself looking for a hard to locate part for your classic vehicle, don’t give up without reaching out to [...]

6 06, 2019

Joe’s Steak Shop | Phillipsburg, NJ

2022-10-12T14:48:13-04:00June 6, 2019|Scenic Drives|

Joe’s Steak Shop is located in the center of Phillipsburg, NJ. Joe’s is a family run business that has been serving customers for over 80 years. Cheesesteaks are their specialty topped with their signature Hot or Mild Sauce! It’s served on a crisp roll, onions and your choice of cheese. [...]

5 05, 2019

Top 10 Cars I Want for Christmas

2022-10-12T14:30:50-04:00May 5, 2019|Just For Fun|

#10 — 2018 Dodge Ram 1500 all blacked out. – Cuz You gotta cruise in style even when it’s snowing. #9 — 1963 AC Cobra 427 – They are so scary fast and yet beautiful. #8 — 1967 Shelby E500 Eleanor – She’s my “unicorn.” [...]

20 04, 2019

10 Tips for Detailing Your Classic Car

2023-01-23T17:13:55-05:00April 20, 2019|Car Care Tips|

Of course, we would prefer that you bring your car to us for Professional Detailing. As car guys, we understand that sometimes cleaning and detailing your car is one of the most satisfying things you can do on a Saturday afternoon (other than taking it out for a drive). Tip [...]

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