Check These Guys Out!

At PowerPortal Productions we provide you with cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, emergency vehicles and pretty much anything with wheels on it.

But a pimped out horse buggy?

Why not? We put a 10” subwoofer on it, chrome spinning wheels and painted it to the studios concept.

Here’s the back story. Kevin, the owner of PowerPortal is, well, a car guy. A long time ago when restoring a car he wanted some vintage Crager wheels for his car.

His search lead him to The Hubcap Store in Easton, PA. Within minutes, John Sefcik, the owner knew exactly where, in his 75,000 square foot building and 40 trailers, to locate the wheels Kevin wanted.

So naturally when we were looking to pimp out the buggy we turned to the one place we knew would have Cadillac hubcaps or something to make the buggy cool. John thought he had something cooler that might work for us.

Five minutes later he walks back into the office with two dusty, old, beaten up boxes that looked like pizza boxes. He was pretty dusty himself now. When he opened the boxes out came two beautiful chrome spinner caps that were perfect for our buggy! The studio loved them.

Spinners were popular during the early-2000s within the hip-hop community but have since fallen out of vogue. We knew we could find them, but knowing John makes it easy. In addition to hub caps he has 75,000 square feet and 40 trailers full of “stuff”.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for BBQ Grills, bicycles, Tonka toys, Christmas Blow Molds, lamps an odd and obscure whatchamacallit, before calling it quits, give a call to John at The Hubcap Store.

Don’t let the name fool you. It’s a lot more than wheels. And on top of all that, John’s a really very nice guy.