Evans Water Coolant

PowerPortal Productions has been making conversions for longer than conventional coolants will ever last. Evans Waterless Coolant is by far, one of the best investments you will ever make in your vehicle.  You don’t want to put water ON your car, right? So why would you pour it in your block? Conversion to Evans is relatively simple, and is a one time investment. Once you make the switch, you will never have to flush your system again.

Amsoil Synthetic Motor Oil

Specially engineered for classic cars. Contains high levels of ZDDP, top-tier additives and rust inhibitors to protect your passion, deliver maximum performance and keep your classic engine free of rust and corrosion in storage.

Bespoke Vehicle Storage

When you live in the Northern New Jersey area leaving your Classic or Exotic car outside over winter isn’t an option. Snow, hail, tree branches and all the other elements that your car would be subjected to, if stored outside, is definitely cause for concern. So you need somewhere and someone you can trust, PowerPortal is the only place you want to trust. We provide the highest quality, safest, indoor, climate controlled storage.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps protect, build identity or completely change the look of your ride.  We only provide the highest quality in vehicle wraps and applied graphics for business vehicle identity, transportation advertising, motor sport, color changes and more.

Vehicle Detailing

Make Your Car Feel Like New Again!  We provide detailing services from a high quality wash and wax to concourse level paint correction and Nano-Ceramic application. Renew the luster and feeling of super smooth body panels and soft, supple leather.

Vehicle Light Work

Coming Soon…

U-HAUL Rentals

We are your local representative for U-Haul.