We Call Them Salvage Yards!

NJ salvage yard racksIn the business, they don’t like the term “Junkyards”, there is so much good in there. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. If you find yourself looking for a hard to locate part for your classic vehicle, don’t give up without reaching out to your local salvage yard. You may think it is a difficult part to find, but these days most salvage yards keep their inventory in a database. Additionally, there are two major networks that most salvage yards use to track inventory in other yards giving them the ability to find the part you need.

Two Different Inventory Networks

New Jersey salvage yardToday, there are two main inventory databases shared by salvage yards, and they are run by Hollander and Pinnacle. Each network connects to over 2,000 yards full of inventory. Most salvage yards are connected to one network or the other. You will want to call different salvage yards until you find one on each network, (we did the work for you below) having them check the database for that part. With two phone calls and 15-30 minutes, you can essentially check 4,000+ salvage yards across the US. Before making a purchase, you will still need to calculate shipping fees and other surcharges to decide if  the part is worth it, but most when you have already exhausted other avenues, it usually is.

There’s another advantage than just being able to check 4,000 salvage yards inventory at once. The search they do will also show what parts interchange with the part you are looking for. Many parts used by automobile manufacturers are the same parts used in other model lines at the same time. An example of this is the fuel pump of a 1980 GM van interchanges with the fuel pump of a 1969 Camaro. Many other Firebird and Camaro parts interchange also. This will help you find your part easier, and possibly make it cheaper to purchase.

Boss Salvage

BOSS Salvage has been serving the Newark, NJ area for over 15 years. Our inventory is on the internet and available for you to search for the part you need. Use our Multi-Part Search if you need more than one part.

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EL&M Auto Recycling

Our goal is to give our customers confidence and peace of mind when buying a recycled part from EL&M Auto Recycling.

Our standard 6-month hassle-free warranty is the first step in reaching our goal and we can provide one year or more of extended warranty protection, economically.

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